The Serpent

The Serpent

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In yoga, a coiled-up snake symbolizes kundalini. When celestial beings – those who are in consciousness and capability superior to human nature – entered this dimension of existence, they always took the form of a snake. This finds mention in every mythology on the planet. In India, there are innumerable stories, starting from Shiva being a Naga Bhooshana.

Mysticism is a certain dimension of perception and the snake has come endowed with that capability. That is why the highest form of perception, which is the opening of the third eye in Shiva’s forehead, is punctuated by the presence of the snake. A reptile would usually be crawling on the ground, but Shiva has it over his head to indicate that, “In some ways, he is even better than me.” Every culture has recognized this in one way or the other. There are a number of stories of snakes and the role they played in culture.

❤️ Made of durable polyurethane to distribute compression evenly 

❤️ Supports you and your joints

❤️ Bottom is green diamond textured to reduce slipping

❤️ Comes with orange carrying case for easy transport and storage

❤️ 72" x 24" 1/8 inch thick yoga mat (183cm x 61cm & 3mm thick)

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