Dance to the Beat of Your Heart!

Dance to the Beat of Your Heart!

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Dance top for a super star!

This casual tasseled top/mini dress will delight and impress anyone brave enough to hit the dance floor!

Made from a comfortable 100% cotton allowing your skin to breathe!

Size Chart:

If your child is big, we recommend choosing a larger size.

    Height              Dress Length      Bust * 2         Recommended age
80cm/31.5"           51cm/20"           25cm/9.8"         0-1Y
90cm/35.4"           53cm/20.9"        27cm/10.6"        1-2Y
100cm/39.4"         55cm/21.7"        29cm/11.4"        2-3Y
110cm/43.3"         57cm/22.4"        31cm/12.2"        4-5Y
120cm/47.2"         59cm/23.2"        33cm/13            5-6Y

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