Our Story

I'm not weird, I'm a special edition.  

Life is only lived once & during it we experience so many different phases, perhaps even different things we love or are drawn to. We believe in following and exploring those passions. At GearStyler we want to create a safe place to delve into the things you love! 


We were tired of seeing mega brands pumping out all the same stuff. We wanted to start a business that helped people express who they are. To find products that truly represented them and couldn't be found anywhere else. We carefully chose a quality factory and started slowly working on unique designs. Using the things friends and family love as inspiration we are delighted to have so many people not only love our products, but also have the courage to express a bit of themselves and make a statement of who they are!

Thank you for joining us at GearStyler!

Our Mission: "To inspire pride in expressing who you really are"

.... and of course to have you delighted with our products and service!  

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