Mini Mia's Magical World of Dance [BOOK]

Mini Mia's Magical World of Dance [BOOK]

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Join Mini Mia as she finds the joy from her first Zumba® class!

Zumba is FUN! Now you can bring the joy, happiness and Passion from the Dance Floor to Story Time!

**Hand Painted Illustrations by widely recognised Hervey Bay Artist Rebecca Jane Knowles**

If you have kids who love Zumba, then you will love this book!

This book is for you if:

  • You love Zumba and want to share your love with kids 
  • You are an educator & want a fun interactive story to get children excited about dancing! 
  • You want to read a bright & colourful story to your kids, bringing the magic of Zumba Fitness to bedtime storytelling 
  • You are a Zumba Instructor & want to give a school or child care centre a story about Zumba to start getting the kids excited!
  • Suited for children from 3-9 years of age

What you will Get:

***You will get a 30 page full colour gloss 8" x 8" soft cover book***

You might have a child, grandchild or perhaps know a friends child who loves music and dance! You are caring person who wants to excite, inspire and nurture that child's passion for dance!

You want to see them laugh, be happy, exercise, feel confident and unstoppable!

This book is crafted to inspire and engage in fitness!

The repetition in the "chorus" part will help your child feel confident that they are learning to read. You can even do the actions or clap your hands to interact.

There is a hidden owl on every page. The fun of finding and counting the owl helps your child learn to count and ad.

There is a special page dedicated as a keepsake of your child's first Zumba Fitness class. You can paste a photo and fill out the details to keep this memory alive!

Your child will be inspired to go and find a Zumba class and bring their friends to have exercise and have fun!

The Storyline

This story is about a girl who comes home from school and is a little grumpy. She has her ipad and homework on the ground. Her mum comes in a decides to take her to a Zumba class!

As it evolves she goes on a journey with her mum and discovers the magic of Zumba that dazzles and inspires her! The music, lights & fun loving Zumba Instructor fill her with bubbles of happiness!

 "It brings together all children, from all nationalities for the love of music and dance......This book radiates the values of fun, unity and happiness we all know and love!"

"This is a story that needs to be shared to inspire so many little kids around the world. The art work is amazing and the story is just gorgeous with carefully chosen words to build appreciation, joy and confidence in kids". - Kathy Parsens (School Teacher)


Approval by Zumba Fitness

This book uses the Zumba Fitness Trademark approved by Zumba Fitness Legal Department.

P.S. There is a hidden dancing owl on each page make sure you find him ;-)

 Watch the video below for a glimpse of the book ;-)